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Living in Spain

Do you intend to come to live in Spain?

Our firm works closely with these lawyers:

From July 2013 we do have new laws to facilitate your stay in Spain.
It is possible to live here provided you do an important investment in our country:
• To buy a 500.000€ house
• To create a company investing all necessary money, that will allow you to earn for living and CREATE JOB POSITIONS
• To invest 2.000.000 € in public debt or 1.000.000 € in a Spanish company
• To buy a company or business already running, etc.
There is no one single solution for everybody, and the best advisable one has to be deeply studied.

ESTRANGERIA ADVOCATS is a law firm which specialises in Alien, Immigration and Nationality Law, and has over 15 years of experience in providing administrative and legal advice. They advise exclusively in the area of Alien Law and their team of experts are specialists in the various legal fields and deliver comprehensive advice to individual and corporate clients.
They are firmly committed to providing their clients with legal solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. Since different circumstances require different solutions, individual cases are assessed from different angles with a view to offering, where possible, more than one course of action. Their expertise has been developed through years of professional practice, and through consistently recognising the crucial importance of each case for the respective client who has placed their trust in ESTRANGERIA ADVOCATS

Do you have legal doubts?

A lawyer will answer your questions. We do not mind if your doubt is about a property in our books, or not. We are at your disposal.

Latests questions

May I expect legal problems if I buy a repossessed property? Peter W. (England)

If you buy it through a lawyer you will not have any problem at all, only good prices, but normally you’ll be obliged to do some repairs and renewals. But that’s all.

Which are the risks when buying a house that still has to be built? Rolnald G. (Ireland)

Anyone if you are given a Bank guarantee this ensures your monies and the Spanish law requires the builder to do this.

What if there is no “Celula de Habitabilidad” John P. (England)

You will not be able to buy the property, the Notary’s right now require from the seller the ”Celula” and the “Energetic Certificate” also.

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