Excellent business opportunity!.
The owner is almost 70 and he finally retires. This ready to eat shop has been run with the same family for the last 25 years.
It is a consolidated family business, with consolidated clients that buy the food there every summer.
The normal working period starts with eastern holidays, and finishes end October. It is a summer business, but you’ll be able to widely live from it the rest of the year.
Second line from the beach, it is a 70 sqm place, divided in two premises one next to the other: 70 sqm. kitchen and shop
All the material needed to run the business is inside the shop: coockers, stoves, ovens, microwaves, fridges, etc.
No debts, no fix labour employees.
The price includes the property of the premises, material and business clientele including the name of the shop.
Easy payment terms can be studied, with an important pre-payment amount.